šŸŽØArt & Rarity

Get to know the Art of Shiyabi!

There are total of 12 Shiyabi Types and 4 Rarities.

šŸŸ” Legendary - Midnight šŸŸ£ Epic - Rose & Lavender šŸ”µ Rare - Peach, Candy, Leafy šŸŸ¢ Common - Sun, Mint, Ice, Cream, Candle, Opaque

All Rarities have their specific color harmony.

The colors of our Shiyabies are not 100% accurate to these color harmonies. It's just for some certain vibe. One of the main reasons of this color harmony, is so people INSTANTLY recognize the rarity of Shiyabi.

This means that there are always 12 color variations of every trait.

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