Frequently Asked Question about Shiyabi

🐸 What is "SHIYUBRI" and how to get it?

SHIYUBRI is a role on our discord which grants you FREE MINT in the event of minting our project. You can get this role by being active and catching eyes of The Gardeners (The ones who planted the seed of Shiyabi - Petriky, Dia...). This means creating some value for the project. Shiyabi's goal is to spread Spiritual Awareness, so you don't have to feel bad for sharing it. You're basically doing a good thing. Especially if you tell about us someone who needs it. You can get really creative with this! Threads, Artworks, Kind Sharing in other communities - (Not aggresive shilling!), Writting stories with deeper meanings, Sharing your knowledge, Marketing, Spaces about us, Graphics, and so on! We also have "Happy List" role which gives you the advantage to mint before public mint and is also reffering to this :" Be Happylisted to show that you're truly interested in how to be happy and doing everything to find happiness inside!". (Understandably not everyone is happy listed for that haha)

πŸ”₯ Wen mint?

Minting will occur when there will be enough interest in the project and the numbers will show it! So this year for sure!

πŸ’° What’s the price?

Price will be changing depending on the market state and valuation of $APT. Approx is 1.11 $APT.

🐸 What's the supply?

The supply is 11,111. Too big? Yes. The price will be adjusted accordingly. It is big because of we want to provide value to as much people as possible, so the price must be lower. Also, we'll definitely mint only when we feel sure about the demand.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on our discord!

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