🌳The Tree of Shiyabi

A Guide to Climbing the Role System on Our Discord

Are you a fan of climbing the ranks and achieving greatness? If so, we've got just the thing for you - a Synarchy system called The Tree of Shiyabi. This system is similar to a hierarchy, but with a twist - everyone helps each other to achieve their goals. This way, everyone has their own place and power, and no one is using their position to harm others.

We believe in rewarding those who contribute to our community, which is why we've created The Tree of Shiyabi. Being part of our non-toxic, self-healing, and friendly community can really improve your life in all aspects. The higher you climb on the tree, the bigger the reward. Your contribution not only helps the project grow but also helps you grow.

1. Happylist 😊

The Happylist gives you the advantage of minting before the public!

You can get this role by:

  • Speaking about us on spaces,

  • Creating a thread or post that has at least 300 impressions, few likes, and comments,

  • Making an artwork,

  • Giving good advice or ideas,

  • Bringing more people in,

  • Sharing us in other communities, projects, or social media platforms.

2. Shiyubri or Tadpole role 🪱

Shiyubri gives you 1 FREE MINT.

You can get this role by:

  • Doing anything from the Happylist but more effectively,

  • Posting threads with big impression numbers,

  • Being highly active on the server,

  • And more!

3. Chowa 🧝‍♀️

Chowa gives you mint-to-earn!

You can get this role by making the strongest and most effective contributions to the community. This includes bringing hundreds of new people into the project, creating art that has deep meaning and can entertain and help others, making this artwork seen by lots of people, providing huge value in terms of code, community building, giveaways, collaborations, advising, marketing strategies, and more.

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