Welcome to Soulify - your path to self-obliteration in the name of the abyssal ascent.

Soulify is our first DogeChain-based NFT collection.

📜 Lore

In the deep undergrounds ruled by Queen Corelle, men willingly surrendered their souls to serve her.

Among them was Kael, once a noble warrior who succumbed to Corelle's irresistible allure.

As he devoted himself to her service, Kael climbed the ranks of the Deatharchy, gaining favor and privileges in the demon hierarchy. His loyalty knew no bounds, and he reveled in the tasks bestowed upon him by the Queen.

With each passing day, Kael found himself immersed deeper in Corelle's world. He embraced his role as a devoted servant, carrying out her commands with unwavering dedication. The more he pleased her, the higher he rose in the Deatharchy, earning respect and influence among his fellow servants.

Though memories of his previous life flickered in his mind, Kael found solace in fulfilling Queen Corelle's desires. He relished in her praise and the camaraderie among those who served her.

In the court of the Queen, where darkness and devotion intertwined, Kael found purpose in his allegiance. He embraced his identity as a loyal servant, content in the service of the powerful Queen Corelle, a pillar in the realm of demons.

Her most devoted servants were honored with Soulification—a transformative process that merged them with her very will.

😈 Goal

The goal of Soulify is to serve Corelle - The queen of Demons. As her devoted servant, you'll gain access to her Den. (Discord).

Your dedication brings rewards. (staking, revenue share).

Progressing further, you can ascend the Deatharchy, securing stronger, more influential positions within the Den.

📝 Basic information:

Supply: 666 Chain: Doge Price: 99 $DOGE Discord: SoulifyXYZ X: SoulifyXYZ


❤️‍🔥 How to get WL?

Enter our discord, and look for a room called: " ⛪|𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖗 ". In the room, you'll find out how to get white-listed for the upcoming mint.

The benefit of having WL is that you can mint cheaper and sooner than public.

😈How to get OG?

You must amplify everything that you've done to get WL.

The benefit of having OG is that you can mint much cheaper and sooner than WL.

More benefits will be announced later.

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