📜Chapter 1 - The Withered Desert

A story of young Elven, who lost himself in an illusion of chasing money...

The Beginning

It was a journey woven with dreams. My steps were light, carried on the air by a gentle breeze, caressed by the sun's warmth. On this day, the Lumion's radiance seemed to have me as its sole spectator. The flowers bloomed in radiant colors, their delicate symphony sang to the soul of the forests. The trees chatted in hushed whispers, their voices blending with the harmony of the wind and the chatter of birds. I was cradled in a world straight from a fairy tale.

Mystical Encounter

My fingers itched to grasp this beauty, to make it a tangible memory. I found myself drawn to a stunning purple flower, dusted with magical sparkles that added an ethereal glow to its natural allure. The petals held my reflection, my dark-brown eyes filled with wonder. I reached out, and as my fingertips skimmed the petals, it was as if they'd plunged into a sea of sparkles. Suddenly, the petals vanished, replaced by a tiny desert storm. Startled, I rubbed my eyes, hoping to shake off this strange vision. To my relief, the purple flower was there, still untouched.

Unexpected Transformation

Just as I began to laugh at my fanciful imagination, a blinding flash pierced the peaceful scenery. Heat, as hot as burning coals, swept over me. The earth beneath me gave way, transforming into a giant crater. Everything around me fell into chaos; flowers wilted, trees evaporated into ash. Before I could comprehend what was happening, I was sitting on a vast expanse of desert sand.

Realization in Desolation

I looked around in terror. The once vibrant scenery was now replaced by an endless desert, studded with bones. Bones of elves who had met their untimely demise here. A chilling sense of familiarity crept in. I remembered the stories, tales older than the first Runowoods. The "Withered Desert," they called it. In these stories, the Withered Desert was described as a place of illusions, a treacherous oasis that trapped souls consumed by their own greedy thoughts. It was a metaphor for a life lived without spiritual guidance, one that led to the gradual loss of health, love, and connections.


A wave of realization washed over me. I needed guidance from the spirit of this place, to show me the way out of this spiritual drought. As I looked at my dry palms, I understood how I ended up in this desolate place. I had been tunnel-visioned, obsessing over work, a singular goal that blinded me from the rest of the world. I had forsaken my health, forgetting the healing power of meditation and yoga. I had neglected love, failing to express my affection to my dear one. And in this relentless chase, I forgot to pause, to reflect, to truly see myself. This was my downfall. The relentless pursuit of material wealth had led me to this spiritual wasteland.

The Spirit's Message

In the silence of the desert, I heard a sound, akin to the twinkling of stars. A ray of light appeared in the distance. My eyes couldn't track its path as it traveled so swiftly, reaching me in an instant. The abruptness of its arrival startled me. I felt on the sand, hiding behind my dry hand. "Calm yourself, young one," the light said in a mysterious and soothing tone. "Life is a complex web, and yet its core is strikingly simple. A few guiding principles can take you anywhere you need to be, but only one can guide you back to your own self: Love."

Acceptance and Gratitude

Its words echoed in the hollow silence, resonating with a deep truth. I looked at my hands again, now seeing the shadows that had held me captive. I had been so consumed by material needs that it almost cost me everything. "Thank you, Spirit," I whispered, gratitude echoing in every syllable. "I now understand the path I must tread."

Parting Wisdom and Gifts

Light-hearted laughter echoed through the vast emptiness. "You do not have to tread any path dear. That's the magic. It's already inside you.", the Spirit's wisdom rang true. With its departing words, it left behind a camel with a bottle of water and a piece of bread. This was a gift, a symbol of survival, a promise of a new beginning. The spirit's words and the gifts echoed a singular truth - Love yourself, and the world will follow.

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