πŸ“œChapter 3 - The Tavern

You lost your purpose? Finding yourself only having fun, not working towards your dreams? Soren has an answer for you...

The Gathering of Companions

Sitting in a cozy tavern, surrounded by newfound companions, I found myself in the delightful company of Maio, a forest troll, Tyavilla, a tiny fairy, and Rosalie, a beautiful celestial. Rosalie's enchanting smile and subtle blushes revealed her growing fondness for me. With a mischievous twinkle in my eye, I decided it was time to share my tale with my dear friends.

Sharing Tales

"My life has been quite extraordinary," I began, basking in the warmth of camaraderie. "I wander through the enchanting forests of Faerune, lending aid to all who seek it, be it resolving troubles or vanquishing malevolent creatures. And in return, I receive gold, silver, invitations to sumptuous feasts, and even the occasional pint of ale. My purpose lies in helping others and occasionally protecting the innocent from the wrath of monstrous beings."

Agreement and Toasting to Purpose

Nods of agreement rippled through the group. Maio chimed in, his troll accent adding a touch of whimsy, "Ye're right! Ye've got a grand life, ye do!" Tyavilla, savoring her favorite runoforest beer, chuckled and added, "Hahaha! I adore your life, truly. But there's something missing, isn't there? I have the Mama Tree, the ancient tree of life, and my sisters and I devote ourselves to her care, just as she nurtures us. It's a purpose that lasts for eternity." Rosalie, her eyes gleaming with celestial radiance, nodded and said, "Exactly, Tyavilla. I, too, have a purpose. I protect this entire realm from the clutches of Kaiziru, so we can revel in joy and laughter within these very tavern walls." Excitement filled the air as everyone raised their glasses and toasted to our shared purpose.

A Yearning for Home

However, a nagging thought lingered within me, a desire that remained unfulfilled. "But my friends," I mused, contemplating the flickering flames of the tavern's hearth, "I've always yearned for a homeβ€”a place where my beloved future wife and children can reside. A place where I can nurture them, regale them with tales of my adventures, and inspire them to become even greater than I. I have pursued this dream throughout my adult life, but it feels as though I'm not devoting enough attention to it. I don't toil excessively; typically, I resolve one or two problems each day, hardly enough to reach my dream in a timely manner. After each adventure, I find solace in the welcoming embrace of local taverns, where I drink, make new acquaintances, share laughter, and flirt with captivating individuals like yourself, dear Rosalie. In this moment, I am content, but I yearn for something more profound, something with a higher purpose."

The Enigmatic Arrival of Soren

Suddenly, her eyes gleamed with a radiant light, and she spoke with an air of authority, "I beseech the spirit of this place to guide us and offer counsel to our dear friend."

As if responding to her plea, the tavern door swung open, and a figure stepped into our midst. We gazed in awe, wondering, "Who is this enigmatic man?"

An aged shaman stood before us, adorned in captivating garments crafted from vibrant fabrics, adorned with an array of potions, scrolls, necklaces, and bracelets. His long white beard, intricately braided and beaded, cascaded down to his chest. Removing his bone helmet, he fixed his deep blue eyes, brimming

with mystery, upon me and offered a warm smile.

Soren's Wisdom

In an instant, he settled beside us, a gentle breeze rustling our hair and garments. "Greetings. I am Soren, and I have come to share a drink and grant your heart's desires."

We exchanged glances of astonishment and quickly ordered a round of the finest local brew for our newfound friend.

Curiosity piqued, I leaned forward and inquired, "Pray, what wisdom have you brought to share with us?"

Soren took a deep breath, his words flowing effortlessly, "To achieve your dream, you must merge your existing knowledge with a shift in your approach. Embrace your dream every single second of each day. Become the embodiment of your aspiration, for in doing so, you will find balance between revelry and purpose. Eventually, the two shall intertwine as one. Remember, every creation begins with a thought, and if you nurture it within your mind for long enough, your actions will reflect its power."

The Departure and Reflection

He spoke with authority, finishing his words in one breath before downing an entire horn of beer in a single gulp.

I yearned to inquire about his origins, but as he slammed the empty horn onto the table, he vanished into the echoes of the tavern, leaving behind the faint sound of the closing door and a gentle caress of wind upon our backs.

Rosalie, her voice filled with insight, mused, "Your dominant thoughts shape your reality... I have always known this truth, yet sometimes I allow my mind to wander aimlessly, succumbing to moments of purposelessness. This wise man has reminded me of what truly matters."

Embarking on a New Path

Agreeing wholeheartedly, I no longer hesitated. I bid farewell to my friends, who, inspired by Soren's words, chose to embark on their own journeys. Parting ways at the crossroads, we exchanged well wishes and good fortune. I ventured deeper into the verdant woods, seeking solace in a secluded spot. There, nestled amidst towering trees, their branches eclipsing even the moon's celestial glow, I discovered a tiny sanctuaryβ€”a hallowed space marked by a tree stump. Around it bloomed multicolored flowers and lush bushes, creating a haven of tranquility.

The Dream Takes Root

As I settled into that enchanted abode, flashes of inspiration surged through my mind. The path toward my dream materialized before me, crystal clear. Without hesitation, distraction, or doubt, I embraced unwavering focus on my aspirations. And so, I commenced my journey, propelled by newfound clarity.


"Thank you," I whispered into the gentle breeze, expressing gratitude for the guidance that had illuminated my path.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

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