Who's behind Faerune?


Hi! I'm Petriky, the Founder of Faerune and all its collections.

My main job is Animation and Art in web3. I help other founders to show off their projects in smooth and sexy videos! Here are some of my works:

Video for Aptos Monkeys Video for Mavriks Video for Bruh Bears Video for Pontem

And as a Founder, I've made 2 collections (Celestials, and Celestians) and I'm working on many more!

The goal is to keep on creating a fantasy world filled with creatures of all kinds. Entertainment is my purpose. Animation, Art, NFTs - they're all my tools to keep on fulfilling this purpose. I want my "babies" to live on most of the chains - that's why Faerune is multi-chain.

I'm mostly working alone on Faerune. The potential is endless, and I do this mostly out of passion. I always wanted to create fantasy worlds, so now I have the opportunity.

Faerune is my playground, and I decided to create a whole world on it.

Hopefully, you got to know me and my intentions a bit more. If you'd like to reach out, feel free to join our discord and write anything in the chat!

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