What is the Utility of Faerune?

Before delving into the Utility of Faerune, I want to emphasize that Faerune makes no promises. We're not assuring you'll gain any profits, nor guaranteeing the release of future content. It's all driven by my passion as an artist and founder. If I choose not to release any collections for a year, that's how it'll be. Of course, I'd inform you about it. However, I thoroughly enjoy this and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.


Faerune is designed for you to collect NFTs from the same world. This means that everything is interconnected, and you can experience the satisfaction of collecting something valuable.


By holding our NFTs, you gain better access to our Discord servers, fostering stronger connections with other people. You can meet wonderful individuals from diverse places, each with unique talents and experiences.

Mint Advantages

If you're a holder of any of our NFTs, you'll certainly have an advantage in future mintings. For example, if you hold 25+ celestials (earning the role in our Discord), you'll gain the OG role for our Soulify project. Many people must work in some way to earn this role, but as a true OG, you receive it "for free."


We offer opportunities to our holders for free NFTs, tokens, or WLs (whitelists). If you're with us, you'll surely receive something for being a true supporter.

Utility might change in the future. This is what I've been able to deliver as an artist and founder. As Faerune grows and generates more revenue, I'll be able to hire developers and create apps and products. At this point, it's all about fun and collecting.

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